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Banjun Drama

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H A R D – S U B B E D`E P I S O D E S


  • First Love
  • Masked Fencer
  • The King’s Man + NG
  • Tokyo Holiday + NG
  • Finding Lost Time
  • Dangerous Love
  • The Uninvited Guest + NG
  • Unforgettable Love + NG
  • Vacation

Bi Rain:

  • For Her Sake
  • Words I Wanted to Say
  • Romance Solver


  • A Very Special Love
  • Junjin Goes to School
  • Sweet Room

C H I N E S E – S U B B E D`E P I S O D E S

  • Bad Housekeeper
  • In Love With a Thief
  • Love Virus – INCOMPLETE!
  • Magician’s Doll
  • Message
  • My Beloved Bodyguard
  • My Wish
  • Love in Limbo- INCOMPLETE!
  • She’s a Witch

N O – S U B B E D`E P I S O D E S

  • Contact Lenses
  • Devilish Guy
  • Love Game- INCOMPLETE!
  • Meet Princess Good-For-Nothing
  • Tablo
  • Taming the Flirt/Love is Blind
  • Today’s Fortune- INCOMPLETE!



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