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Banjun Drama

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Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Banjun (reverse) Drama is a minidrama series that airs on Sundays as part of SBS’s Good Sunday program (2004-2006). Each Banjun Drama is usually unrelated to previous dramas, unless it is split into parts, and generally has a small twist in the story at the end. Generally the show invites celebrities to act in a very humorous and sarcastic way. Stars such as Bi Rain, DBSK, Han Ji Hye, Kim Jeong Hoon, MC Mong, Haha, Yoo Jae Suk, Bae Seul Gi, Lee Min Woo, Kim Ji Suk, Sung Si Kyung, Brian, Tablo, Jun Hye Bin, Park Hee Bon, Jun Jin, Andy, Chae Rim, Eric etc. have starred in the show. (Credits: Wiki)


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