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Banjun Drama

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Title: Vacation

Air Date: 2007


A drama with each member; their own drama [excluding Junsu and Changmin which share a drama together]

The Way You Are- Jaejoong:

Jaejoong is mistaken for “Changshik”. But is he really Changshik? Or is he who he says he is,Young Woong Jae Joong?

Cassiopeia- Yunho:

Yunho gets fan letters from a number one fan, in one of the letters it says that if she stops writing, it means that she has died as she has cancer. Yunho stops receiving letters and makes this assumption.

Eternal- Yoochun:

Yoochun meets a school kid by the name of Park Yoochun, odd things start happening and it all reminds him of various things.

Beautiful Life- Junsu and Changmin:

Junsu and Changmin go to a remote place for a holiday, but accidentally, something happens. They need to repay a person to make up for what happened and so the story unravels.


  • DBSK
  • Park Hee Bon



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